Palmistry Marriage Line Love Or Arranged – What You Need To Know!

Marriage Line

Marriage is a consequence of mutual decision taken by two partners to live together. Some relationships can have a happy ending while others cannot! So, if someone wants to get a love marriage prediction, he must meet a talented palmist who can reveal to him so much about his marital life. Due to the presence of palmistry marriage line, you can know whether your marriage is arranged or a true love. Palm reading is an ancient practice that has its root in India and then spread to many countries, such as China, Tibet, Sumeria, Persia and some European countries.

What Does The Marriage Line Say About?

The palmistry marriage line is situated at the outer edge of the palm, underneath the bottom of the pinkie and above the starting point of the heart line. It reflects the quality of marital life you will lead. Of course, the deeper the line is, the better the relationships you are likely to have in life, the better communication and happiness you get.

If the marriage line is broken, it may reflect separation, divorce, or death of a loved one. Are there a large number of lines on the palm? Then, the chance is one spouse can lead the other on a mission to commit an ugly act. When there are broken fragments which are overlaying, it seems to be a clear indicator that the couple will be separated before reuniting once more. If the marriage line is 3 quarters the size of the heart line, the owner of such the line will get married between 30 to 35 years. But, the line which is closer to the heart line means that he/she can never marry.

What Does The Heart Line Say About?

Heart Line

The heart line often starts close to the middle of your hand, at the edge of your palm, under the little finger, and then extends across your palm towards the index finger. If the line begins below your middle finger, then you are a natural-born leader. Independent, ambitious, intelligent, you are displaying good qualities of judgment in making decisions. Yet, you can have a materialistic and selfish outlook on love and tend to be cold and less sensitive to others.

When the heart line ends between the middle and index fingers, the owner is considerate, trustworthy, kind to others, as well as tends to easily give her heart to another. She is also cautious and hesitant when others are concerned. This person has common sense when making decisions.

How To Know Your Marital Life Is A True Love Or Arrange?

There are many ways to tell also about a person’s love nature and married life, as well as whether he will have love or arranged marriage, based on palmistry marriage line!

  • First, a palmist tries to determine if he’s a balanced or unbalanced person.
  • Second, the palmist will see the condition of his heart line.
  • Third, she will then judge line of union.
  • Fourth, she will observe whether there is any line from mount of moon towards the fate line or sister line in mount of Venus. The mount of Venus should be carefully analyzed.
  • Lastly, the palmist then looks for upward or downward line from the heart and head lines.

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