Palm Reading Lines Meanings When You Need To Know More!

There are 3 basic areas that a palmist often looks for while analyzing your hands during the palmistry reading. These include lines, mounts, and shapes. You have a chance to explore the major lines or better-known minor lines, based on your favorite style! The hand photos will provide you with a general idea of where to find on your palm for various lines. But, have ever considered reading palm line meanings of markings and symbols? Such of them are Positive/Negative interruptions and blockages in the flow of the palm lines, fingers and mounts. Spend time consulting this article to know more now!

Meanings of Markings and Symbols in Palm Reading

  • Breaks
Breaks In Palm Lines

According to palm reading lines on hand, breaks in either the major or minor palm lines may reflect both positives and negatives, based on which way they are located from various lines. Breaks moving toward the thumb reflect a new path in a career. But, breaks in the upward direction toward the edges of the palm can suggest an unplanned or unexpected journey. In case they point towards the base of the palm, this can reflect an unexpected turn in your routine. Such the breaks may indicate that there is an interruption in your flow of energy or reflect a redirection in your life path.

  • Chains

Chains often reflect different obstacles you can face up to in life. They indicate a difficult upbringing during childhood. Further, chains in palm reading lines also relate to experiences in your love life. They can reflect times of health problems and indecisiveness. Length of the chain tends to correlate to the duration of time which all of those issues can last.

  • Crosses

Crosses are a sign of long-lasting troubles and problems. They also reflect some major changes in life. Due to where their placement on your hand, they can be representing positive or negative changes. Crosses are also an indication that a few opponents want to cause harm to you. They also reflect outside influences which cause stress on you. When your palm lines have any crosses, they are indicators of your state of mind as well as how you’re going to deal with your spiritual life.

  • Dots
Dots In Palm Lines

Dots are very tiny, so it is not easy to see them on the hand. They reflect concerns about ill health, relationships or other types of destructive experience. Dots may also represent important and monumental events that might have created crisis in life. They are also the warning signs of danger in your life path. In general, those dots have disappeared when unlucky situations and issues are solved. That’s why their presence is not permanent.

  • Islands

Islands in palm line meanings indicate unfavorable interruptions. They may represent stressful periods in career or bad relation causing mental stress. They also reflect weakness and fearfulness in health. It is significant to closely look at the island to make sure that it ends and the lines continue. If the island ends the Life line, it is a sign of danger and can lead to case like suicide.

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