Negative Test But Pregnancy Symptoms

Many women often experience the disappointment of a negative pregnancy test once trying to have a baby. At times, despite of the negative pregnancy test, they can have symptoms of pregnancy; and this make them very confused. If you’re now in this case, don’t hesitate to consult some useful info below!

I Had A Negative Pregnancy Test Yet Still Feel Pregnant – Why Does This Occur?

  • The test seems to be done too early

Pregnancy tests generally search for the pregnancy hormone HCG; and this will take time to build up in the system. Hence, if the test is done before the time there’s enough of this hormone, then it’ll be a False Negative result. This usually happens whenever ladies test prior to their missed period. So don’t forget to wait a few days after you’ve delayed your period!

Negative Test But Pregnancy Symptoms
  • Variations in the time of ovulation

In case you do not have regular cycles, and possibly ovulate late in your cycle, the chance is that you can test too early. Eventually, those with regular cycles may even ovulate late in the cycle. As a result, it might delay the detection of HCG levels. Generally, HCG is trusted to be detectable around 8 days after ovulation, yet up to 2 weeks after you conceive. Try to wait a while and test again if your period hasn’t begun.

  • Miscalculate your period

It’s totally possible to receive a negative pregnancy test if you miscalculate your period, particularly when you don’t remember exactly the date of your last period. If your spouse has healthy sperm while the conditions are right, there will be a 3-day window when you’re able to become pregnant around the time of ovulation. Don’t hesitate to wait a couple of days and test again if you think that you have a negative result by virtue of miscalculation of dates.

Pregnancy Symptoms
  • High-dose hook effect

This often takes place on rare occasion as long as the test sample is somehow diluted, which makes the testing device fail to pick up HCG in your blood. The reasons include: The testing chemicals are likely to dilute the sample and then unable to pick up the hormone; the type of HCG released seems to be different from the one in the normal pregnancy; too much liquid placed in ectopic pregnancy, or on the device; etc. Once the pregnancy test is negative, then it should be followed up by ultrasound and physical examination for confirmation.

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